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If your damage restoration or construction company is making repairs, a temporary electric water heater can prove absolutely vital. For many of these projects, largely for safety, you need to cut off power to the existing gas water heater. Naturally, for a restoration or construction project, you will need something to continue giving you the energy you require. Consider what San Diego Water Heater Rental can bring to the table. Call our office for more information! (858) 879-0394

Since 2010, our company has proudly served the San Diego area. We bring a combined forty-five years of experience to our business. That level of insight means, regardless of the size and scope of your construction or restoration project, we can help. We believe in offering our clients an array of customization and personalization possibilities to give them a temporary electric water heater that will assist them in flawless fashion. Call us today, and let’s get started meeting all your water heater rental needs.

Temporary Electric Water Heaters

A gas leak can prove to be an element that can, not only destroy your entire project, but also threaten the lives of your workers. A temporary electric water heater can offset the possibility of a gas leak. Even a spark can create a dangerous situation. When you are making repairs, the existing water heater must be removed. We will work you from the start to come up with a customized solution to your energy needs. The temporary electric water heater you rent from us will have the particulars of your project in mind. Estimating and design are included in our affordable rental rates. We will be there for the initial start-up installation of the project, and we will make sure everyone on your job site understands how the temporary electric water heater works.

Construction Companies
Home Remodel/Renovation
Damage Restoration
Plumbing Repairs
Commercial Applications

You can also count on SD Water Heater Rental for job site inspections. Beyond that, if you need anything further from us, get in touch! We are pleased to offer 24/7 emergency services. Our turnkey solutions are flexible enough to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for. Our fleet of reliable equipment is second to none. You will also want to remember we offer more than rental options. If you are also interested in leasing or buying one of our systems, we can help.

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