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At SD Water Heater Rental, we combine technology and insight to give your damage restoration project the most impressive temporary water heaters to be found anywhere. When making repairs in the wake of fire damage, water damage, or any other damage, safety must be first on your mind. When you’re on the job you need something safe, effective, and efficient to work in place of the existing gas water heaters at the site. You can benefit from our range of temporary electric gas heaters.

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With over forty years of combined experience, SD Water Heater Rental can give you a personalized, customized solution for your industrial, commercial, institutional, construction, planned, or emergency project. Energy consumption is one of the most significant considerations for your overall costs. With these temporary electric water heaters, your project stands to save a great deal on your overall energy expenses. We will work with the size, the layout, and the rest of the particulars that define your project. Our rental rates include estimation/design, initial start-up assistance, system/equipment familiarization for your staff, 24/7 emergency assistance, job site inspections, maintenance, and much more. We offer flexible rent, lease, and purchase options.